Freudian theory focused on childhood traumas and upbringing influencing mental health.

Fun Freud Fact!

Fun Freud Fact!

He was a regular cocaine user and prescribed it to many of his patients suffering from nervous disorders.

More about Freud and cocaine!


“I’m Schizophrenic… and so am I”

You’re thinking of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

“Just Cheer Up!”

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I laughed a little harder than I should have….

For Your Child-Rearing Pleasure

For Your Child-Rearing Pleasure

Just a friendly, psychological reminder to all the parents, teachers, babysitters, etc. that children can be reasoned with at any age.
Choose your words carefully.

A Quick Thought…

I’ve been told countless times not to give into peer pressure, but I’ve never once been told not to pressure my peers.

Let’s hear it for American society! 

A Quick Narrative On Early Education For My English Class

A 10 Minute Flashback on My Education

What’s Really Important?

My third grade math teacher played this cruel game called “Mathercise” with one simple rule: learn your times tables through 12×12 or stay inside for recess.  The sadistic teacher would toss a green beach ball at each student, one at a time, and give him three seconds to catch it and answer a multiplication problem.  The entire class began the game standing and each student was allowed to sit once he got his problem right.  As the quicker students sat down, all focus was drawn to the students left standing.  Your heart hammered and palms sweated as you prayed for an equation you knew.  If you answered too slowly or incorrectly, the seated students would snigger behind their hands as your fate was decided.  You would have to stay in the study room during recess and practice your flashcards.  Your stomach clenched in a knot of self doubt as the colorful ball arched towards your outstretched hands.

What does this really teach our children?  Are math and science test scores worth sacrificing the free time of students? 

Thoughts? Comments? Arguments?

LadyFreud is Alive?!?!

LadyFreud is Alive?!?!

If you haven’t noticed, there has been a severe lack of posts in the last few months. But do not fear!! I’m still in college so I don’t have a ton of free time to blog. Being 95% caffeine, 5% stress, I will be on hiatus until May when my finals are over. Feel free to peruse some of my older stuff for all your psychology needs!

Ice, Ice, Penis…I mean baby…yeah… baby!

Ice, Ice, Penis...I mean baby...yeah... baby!

The Freudian Iceberg Theory! One of Freud’s great contributions to the great field of psychology. The theory is simple, but twofold.

For those of you new to Freudian Psychology, the Id, Ego, and Superego are the three parts to the psychic apparatus. The Id is the devil on your shoulder; it operates on the pleasure principle and seeks immediate gratification, impulsively driven by sex and dominance. Everybody is born with their Id at full speed (like how little kids pick their noses in public, throw tantrums, and run around naked). The Id also tends to make a guest appearance in dreams, bouts of intoxication, and Freudian Slips.
The counter to the Id is the Superego (think angel on the other shoulder or conscience). This part of the psyche is driven by the moral principle and is associated with shame and guilt. The Superego is developed over time by social institutions such as family, religion (Catholics…ahem), education, media, etc.
On their own, the Id and Superego are constantly duking it out in our minds. This is where the Ego comes in to play. The Ego acts works on the reality principle and acts as the great moderator between the Id and Superego. The Ego lets the Id out in moderation and allows the Superego to punish the self within reason. Without the Ego, the psyche would be in constant imbalance as the Id and Superego fling the psyche into alternating fits of impulsivity and deep regret.
But where do the parts of the psyche fit into the Freudian Iceberg Model? Well since the Id acts on carnal instincts, it is located completely below the surface of the water. Just like the underside of an iceberg directs the movement of the iceberg, the Id drives the actions of the individual. Both the Ego and Superego protrude out of the water in the model, though the Superego is located a little more under the water than the Ego. The Superego, like the Id, drives the individual’s actions a lot, but is visible in the conscious mind more so than the Id. The Ego is also partially submerged, but a great deal of it is above the water as much of it takes place in the conscious mind.
“The ego represents what we call reason and sanity, in contrast to the id which contains the passions” (SIGMUND FREUD, The Ego and the Id).

-The Conscious, Pre-Conscious, and Unconscious-
The second part of the Iceberg Theory deals with three parts to the personality. Just like the Id/Ego/Superego model of the iceberg, parts of the personality jut out of the water while some remain far beneath. The Conscious mind is everything we are aware of: sensations, perceptions, memories, and current feelings. This part of the iceberg (mind) is totally out of the water. Closely tied to Conscious mind, but located just below The surface of he water, is the preconscious. This consists of our memories that we aren’t thinking about at the moment, but are able to recall with a little bit of effort. In regards to the iceberg model, the preconscious is located right underneath the conscious, so it is visible in the water if you look hard enough. The deepest part of the iceberg and the mind is the unconscious. This is the reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories outside of our conscious awareness. Like the id, most of these thoughts are unacceptable/unpleasant, such as memories of pain, feelings of conflict, and anxiety. Just as the bottom of the iceberg directs the ice as a whole, the unconscious drives our actions and thoughts, even though we are unaware of it. Like the iceberg, the greatest part is beneath the surface. Primitive unconscious thoughts of sex and dominance are responsible for all our actions and thoughts: studying for that exam, choosing to wear that hat, feeding a pet, buying that coffee. It’s all driven by sex and dominance.

Freud’s iceberg model has been debated a lot, like most of his work; however i feel it’s an accurate portrayal of both the psyche and the mind. What do you think? Is freud just some whack job whose ideas should be demolished to make way for modern neuroscience and psychopharmacology?


Change the Way You Look at Introverts

All credit to BuzzFeedVideos. Sorry I’ve been slacking with the posts… I am in college after all.

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